Black Man White Woman

Mandy & Omos -
Berlin, Germany

Black Man White Woman - Not Just a Dream | DateWhoYouWant - Mandy & Omos Black Man White Woman - Not Just a Dream | DateWhoYouWant - Mandy & Omos Black Man White Woman - Not Just a Dream | DateWhoYouWant - Mandy & Omos

Not Just a Dream

Now that she’s met Omos, Mandy sometimes has to pinch herself to make sure her new life is “real, and not just a dream! I’m just so happy now, knowing I will be with my soulmate.”

Of course, it wasn’t always that way… Once upon a time, Mandy surveyed the dating landscape before her and didn’t like what she was seeing. At this point in her life, she was the kind of woman who didn’t want to “waste so much time in discos,” dancing the night away with the hope she might find herself rubbing elbows with a great guy.

Mandy tells us that she was motivated to meet her match, but had some obstacles to overcome. “I also have a little son,” she says. “I couldn’t go out so much.” Finding love online seemed like a realistic possibility.

Omos had heard that we could connect interracial singles for friendship and romance. In fact, “My friend found his wife on this site,” Omos informs us. “They now live together very happily. He told me this is the best site to find a real woman!”

We have many members on our site, so what was it about these two that clicked so well? How did their paths cross? In this case, it was the woman who stepped up to the plate. Mandy (who went by the provocative screen-name “YourWoman”) spotted someone with the online handle “OmosMany.” Guess who… “I saw the photos of a very gentle guy,” she says. “I thought about it, wondering if I should send him a Flirt or not…”

Though she liked his looks, Mandy tells us that Omos’ real beauty became clear in his words. The written portion of his profile is what won her over. Why just sit there hoping he would hit her up online? “So I sent him a Flirt,” Mandy recalls. “I thought he would never answer me! I was very happy when he did. We talked at first on the site and later on Skype.”

“Never be afraid that someone will not accept you,” Mandy tells other singles, especially women. “Go forward, make the first step, send a Flirt! If he doesn’t answer, that’s okay. But you will always feel something is missing if you never try.”

Omos explains why he responded favorably to her first message. “She had a very nice profile,” he says. It told him that Mandy is “a woman with good character.” He felt quite comfortable corresponding with her.

The only problem was that Mandy and Omos were far from neighbors… In fact, they lived in different cities! Still, they “saw it was the right time” and made plans to get together anyway. Mandy made it work. “To meet him, I scheduled a holiday of a few days in his city,” she says.

In the opening seconds of their initial meeting, Mandy remembers her anxiety getting the best of her. “I was very nervous,” she admits. “But then I felt very lucky!” The man matched the profile, both in terms of his appearance and his personality. “He was very nice,” she says, smiling. “He was really quiet and calm, but we understood each other very well.”

“It was a pleasure to meet her,” Omos says. “She came out to meet me the first time and invited me to go with her and her son on a city tour, on her account. Usually men are the ones who have to pay for the women, but she doesn’t care.”

While their first meeting went well, meeting up again wasn’t exactly a foregone conclusion. After all, they did live in separate cities. “I thought for a short time about it,” Mandy concedes. But she couldn’t get him out of her head… “I was sure he would be the one for me,” she says, batting her eyelashes at Omos.

He was certainly sold. The date confirmed “everything she said about herself,” he tells us, adding that their time together “proved what I saw in her.” Even though Mandy is the one who made first contact, Omos feels like he’s found the very woman he joined our site to meet. “She’s very similar to what I thought [was my type],” he says. “She’s caring and very resourceful.”

Today these two are a happy couple and Mandy can hardly believe he’s real. “I never thought that dreams can come true,” she gushes. “He’s really all I ever wanted before. He’s a gentleman, very caring.” Mandy says it seems like she’s always smiling when Omos is around. “We have lots of fun.”

“A lot has changed,” Omos reports. “I’m happier now than ever before!”

Omos speaks directly to people who haven’t done much online dating yet. “It’s good to try something you never knew before!” After all, he suggests, doing something new is the best way to “find something you’ve never had before.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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