Interracial Couples Success Stories

  • Synaida & Eric

    “It’s All About Trust”

    “I saw one of my friends was successful and decided to try my luck,” Synaida says of her decision to date online. She posted a profile on our site despite some misgivings about men out there. “It’s somehow scary, but I had to try it out!” she exclaims. It was simple curiosity that motiv… read more

  • Rebecca & Henry

    “His Profile Convinced Her to Pony Up”

    What made Rebecca join our site? “I was advised by a friend,” she tells us. Henry has a similar story. “I heard it works, from a friend,” he relays. Both were “100% confident” in the power of online dating to bring people together for lasting romantic relationships. Rebecca initially… read more

  • Melanie & Stacey

    “When Foodies Find Each Other”

    Melanie and Stacey are now a couple, so they thought they’d share their experience dating online. Stacey was “optimistic” that we could help him find love, so he signed up on our site. Asked if she thought it was worth doing, Melanie tells us, “I felt confident [posting a profile]. I live in… read more

  • Monique & Andrew

    “That Blue Bikini”

    It’s been years since Monique and Andrew met on our site, but it wasn’t until recently that they had a chance to share their story with us. Today they’re happily married with a son, but back then they were new to even the idea of online dating... “This was my first experience [with online pe… read more

  • Martha & Florentinos

    “Even Their Walking Was Compatible”

    Martha says it was a mere chance that inspired her to try online dating, and our site was her first experience with it. “This was my second [online personals site],” says the man she met here, Florentinos. Both agree they were “not at all” confident that we were the answer to all their datin… read more