Interacial Marriage

Vannessa & Marc -
Connecticut, United States

Married November 2014

Interacial Marriage - It Was Written in the Sky | DateWhoYouWant - Vannessa & Marc Interacial Marriage - It Was Written in the Sky | DateWhoYouWant - Vannessa & Marc Interacial Marriage - It Was Written in the Sky | DateWhoYouWant - Vannessa & Marc Interacial Marriage - It Was Written in the Sky | DateWhoYouWant - Vannessa & Marc

It Was Written in the Sky

While Vanessa and Marc are now husband and wife, Marc didn’t really sign up with that goal in mind. His motivation was simple: “Finding friends.” We were the first online personals provider he’d tried.

“Veneza” was the online alter ego of Vanessa, the woman Marc would meet and marry. Internet dating seemed like an obvious avenue to pursue, notes Vanessa. “Everyone else was doing it. You were not the first site I tried.”

Both of them use the same word to describe their confidence level when it came to finding love: “none.” And yet, a year after posting their profiles, Vanessa sent Marc a Flirt. It was his “style” that caught her eye, she says. When Marc checked out Vanessa’s profile, he liked her style, too. In their early conversations, they talked about life and love. It was enough to convince Vanessa to go “all in” on a first date gamble…

“I flew to Connecticut on a date that lasted for nine days,” Vanessa laughs. That’s right: two thousand miles separated them at that point. Vanessa remembers trying to temper her enthusiasm initially. “I’m not getting too excited, let me just take this trip and see where it goes,” she thought at the time.

Marc was surprised that Vanessa was willing to make the trip, but the date went well for both of them. “We enjoyed every moment of getting to know each other better,” says Marc. “She was everything I hoped she’d be.”

“Before my visit was over, I was sure we’d go out again,” Vanessa said. Marc felt sure of it “when I first laid eyes on her!” She relocated to Connecticut because of his “down to earth and free spirited style, and how amazing his mind is,” among other things. Marc really appreciates her personality, adding that “it doesn’t come across in a profile.” Good thing she got on that plane!

We asked them how similar their partner is to what they thought was their “type,” going in. “He is my type in every way!” exclaims Vanessa. “She is my type,” confirms Marc. In fact, he felt so strongly about her that he hired a plane and proposed to Vanessa in skywriting!

It was their bond more than the flair of this romantic gesture that convinced Vanessa to answer his question with an unequivocal “yes.” She struggles to describe the depth of her feelings. “It’s a sense of satisfaction, a feeling that’s hard to express in writing. Words cannot describe it,” she explains.

Both halves of this couple combined to offer bullet points of advice for singles who are still in the hunt for love:

“Stay open minded. Perhaps the person you are talking to may not be your “type,” but get to know them. You never know where it’ll go.”

“If there is no connection when you meet and you doubt there will be one, it’s okay to accept that and move on.”

“Have fun getting to know the other person! Enjoy the dating process without rushing into anything. Don’t take it too seriously. Love will happen, no need to rush.”

And here's another one -- skywriting has proven to be an effective way to propose!

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