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Tobey & Joseph -
Louisiana, United States

Engaged December 2012

Interracial Dating Sites - With This Ring
 | DateWhoYouWant - Tobey & Joseph Interracial Dating Sites - With This Ring
 | DateWhoYouWant - Tobey & Joseph

With This Ring

Something had to change. Joseph really wanted to share a meaningful romance with the right woman, but he just wasn’t having much luck on love’s battlefield. “Conventional dating wasn’t working,” he acknowledges.

Tobey decided to post an online dating profile because she appreciated the convenience factor. It was a real time-saver, but she says she was “skeptical” that our site could do the trick. A few months later, Tobey received a Flirt from a new member who went by “JoMax.” She looked at his profile and felt a flicker of interest. “He was different,” she says.

JoMax was Joseph, of course. He’d been with us about a month at that point. What drew him to Tobey? “She was extremely intriguing, with uncommon depth,” he says of the member with the username “Time2exhale” (Tobey).

The pair began communicating. “We took it slow,” Joseph recalls. Tobey wanted to make sure they were compatible before seeing each other in person. Why waste anyone’s time, right? “I took the time to get to know him,” she says. Eventually, though, Joseph just HAD to ask her out. “The interest got the best of me,” he laughs. But he believes that being patient pays off. “Just take your time, read what the person writes in their profile, and get to know them,” he advises singles.

When they met, Tobey thought Joseph was handsome and “so funny.” Truth be told, she thought his profile didn’t do justice to his great sense of humor. Joseph found his date “beautiful and intelligent. She was great at conversation.” With their first date going so well, Tobey felt certain they would see each other again. “He was so different from what I had grown accustomed to,” she observes.

Joseph admits to feeling overwhelmed at first. He says that Tobey “seemed out of my league.” Among her many other good qualities, Joseph really appreciates Tobey’s “desire for simplicity.” Tobey reports that she is “much happier, and more secure” since meeting Joseph.

Given that Tobey’s love makes Joseph feel “happy, hopeful, and motivated,” it’s no surprise that he asked her to marry him! Here’s how it happened… “He gave me a Bible and as I focused on the inscription, he told me we had many years to study about love and life together. When I looked up, he was holding the ring! He asked me to marry him as his children took pictures of us.”

“It can happen,” Tobey tells readers who are still searching for love. “The person you never expected may turn out to be more than you ever hoped for.”

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