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Meghan & Thomas -
Tennessee, United States

Interracial Personals - She Was Turning Heads from Moment One | DateWhoYouWant - Meghan & Thomas Interracial Personals - She Was Turning Heads from Moment One | DateWhoYouWant - Meghan & Thomas Interracial Personals - She Was Turning Heads from Moment One | DateWhoYouWant - Meghan & Thomas Interracial Personals - She Was Turning Heads from Moment One | DateWhoYouWant - Meghan & Thomas

She Was Turning Heads from Moment One

Meghan wore her heart on her sleeve, and that goes for her sports allegiance too –- her username on our site was MavsFan2007.

“I had just graduated school and was looking for guys of quality,” she says. “I had a relationship that lasted three years that began via online dating. Given that I tried it before and had success, I decided to try it again. I was pretty confident!”

“I’m not sure I went in with any expectations,” Thomas admits. “My big thing was looking outside of Memphis and finding someone more for me.”

After about two months of membership, Meghan reached out to Thomas via email. Based on his profile, “I thought he was a good guy,” she tells us.

They began communicating and found they liked each other right away. “He admired me and thought so highly of me, like I could do no wrong,” Meghan blushes. Thomas concedes the point –- he was

smitten. “I definitely liked her charisma and personality!”

“We talked on the phone for four months,” Meghan continues. At that point, “I was ready to fly to Tennessee to meet him,” she says. Thomas saw no reason to delay, either. “I wanted to see if there was a future and naturally meeting in person was the next step.”

When Thomas met Meghan at the airport, those first moments brought a few surprises. “I noticed that she had a tattoo on her back,” Thomas says. “I never knew about it.” Meghan laughs, “I thought he would be taller. But he was very courteous!”

Thomas was pleased to see Meghan was as beautiful inside as out. “I thought she was attractive and well dressed,” he recalls, smiling. “And apparently so did other guys, ‘cause they were trying to get her attention at the airport!”

They left the airport and went to the local cinema. “He was just as into the movie as I was,” says Meghan. “And it was a chick flick!”

While the pair had a great time together, once Meghan went home the future looked uncertain. “I wasn't very sure [we would go out again],” she reveals. “As much as I would've wanted to, I knew that we were hundreds of miles away from one another and that it most likely would never work.”

While Meghan was clearly on the pessimistic side, Thomas stayed positive. “I was extremely confident that we would see each other again,” he says.

They stuck with it, and today they are sure happy they did. Meghan reflects on the man she’s gotten to know. “Tom is very patient. He didn't write much on his profile page, and he didn’t mention what a patient man he is. He’s also athletic and very loyal. I'm a big fan of tattoos, and he has eight of them!”

Thomas has many compliments for Meghan. “She's affectionate, she likes to joke and she smiles a lot when we go out. I’m generally attracted to tall, lighter-skinned black women and I found her height to be perfect.”

Their relationship has altered their perspective on things and made their daily problems seem more manageable. “It’s made it easier,” says Meghan of love’s impact on her life. “I’m falling for my best friend!” Adds Thomas, “Now I have to plan for an ‘us’ instead of ‘what do I want to do,’” he says. But he’s not complaining. Who wouldn’t trade a little freedom for someone special to share life’s adventures with?

For our single readers, Meghan tosses out a few words of advice. “I’d say, stay patient. I dated online for about six years. Met some great people and eventually met the love of my life. Finding love takes time!”

Thomas thinks the members of our site should play it straight with everyone they meet. “Just be honest with who you are and not who you want to be,” he suggests.

I’ll be honest with you –- I hope it works out for Meghan and Thomas! And for you…

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