White Women Asian Men

Jennifer & Mitchell -
Florida, United States

Married November 2014

White Women Asian Men - The Pensacola Rendezvous | DateWhoYouWant - Jennifer & Mitchell White Women Asian Men - The Pensacola Rendezvous | DateWhoYouWant - Jennifer & Mitchell White Women Asian Men - The Pensacola Rendezvous | DateWhoYouWant - Jennifer & Mitchell

The Pensacola Rendezvous

Jennifer had high expectations. “I was having a hard time meeting anyone in my area who actually met my standards,” she says. And she had to be choosy — whomever she dated would impact her daughter’s life, too. “I wanted someone respectful...someone genuine.” So she was a bit wary when she signed up for a membership on our site. It was her first experience with online dating.

This was Mitchell’s first try, too. “Where I lived I hadn’t had any luck meeting anyone whom I could have a meaningful relationship with,” he reports. So imagine Mitchell’s surprise when he got a “coffee cup” Flirt after only a few days. He messaged her back. That's how "Artgirl" (Jennifer) met "GAboy32" (Mitchell). “The rest is history!” Mitchell exclaims.

Jennifer had only been a member for a week when she found Mitchell’s profile. “He seemed like a very sincere person who was also very respectful,” she remembers thinking. Mitchell liked that she was “a Southern girl.” After seeing Jennifer’s profile picture, he fell for “her beautiful smile.”

This was a full-blown romance from the beginning. “I couldn’t stop thinking about her,” Mitchell admits. “I was dying to meet her in person!” Jennifer knew they were ready for a face-to-face date. “We had talked so much that I felt like I’d known him forever,” she says.

One problem, though. Although they were both in Florida, Jennifer lived up north in Pensacola and Mitchell was in Ft. Lauderdale... way down at the very southern tip of the state. But he didn’t hesitate. Jennifer reveals that he “flew from Ft. Lauderdale all the way to Pensacola just to meet me!”

What was Jennifer’s first thought when they finally met in person? “Wow — he’s so much better-looking in person! And taller!” Mitchell says his first thought was “Damn! She’s even better in real life than she was online!”

So, how’d that first date go? “After she picked me up at the airport, we had breakfast and took a tour of the historic downtown district,” Mitchell recalls. “We also did the beach later that weekend.” Jennifer nods at the happy memory. “We had a blast just hanging out and getting to know each other better.”

Mitchell adds that he discovered something unexpected about Jennifer. “I knew she was a football fan, but I hadn’t realized that we'd have so much fun watching it together!”

For these two, breakfast + beach + ball equals a trip worth repeating. “I knew I was coming back to see her again the very next weekend,” Mitchell says.

Jennifer had no doubts. “I knew he was the one,” she declares. And she really had no doubts about Mitchell's feelings for her, either. “Mitch told me that he wanted to marry me, and I knew it was going to happen,” she confides. His love has changed everything for her. “I never thought I would marry again, after being divorced. I'm happy to say he totally changed my outlook on love and marriage!”

Mitchell acknowledges similar feelings. They’ve changed each other’s lives and, better yet, love has made them a family. “She gave me a new stepdaughter...and we just had a son together!”

Given the very happy outcome for Jennifer and Mitchell, they feel comfortable offering singles a little advice. “Don’t ever say never! Just take a chance, and stay open-minded.”

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