Interracial Love

Schonda & Thomas -
Pennsylvania, United States

Interracial Love - A Simple Man Found a Multifaceted Love | DateWhoYouWant - Schonda & Thomas Interracial Love - A Simple Man Found a Multifaceted Love | DateWhoYouWant - Schonda & Thomas

A Simple Man Found a Multifaceted Love

Until now, the love of his life hadn’t happened for Thomas. He had just about written it off when he decided to give our site a shot. “It was my last resort,” he confides. “I couldn’t find anyone any other way, so I took a chance on online dating. This was my first time. I was not confident at all! I’d almost given up completely and thought I was bound to be a bachelor forever.”

Schonda had gone a long time without feeling the joy of falling in love. Describing her feelings, she doesn’t gild the lily. “I was tired of being alone,” she says. “I did not want to spend the rest of my life alone! This was my second attempt with your site.” The first go-round was unsuccessful, but would she have better luck this time? Probably not, Sconda thought. “I was skeptical and not sure it would ever happen for me!”

Three months into Thomas’ membership and six months into Schonda’s second go-round, they caught the break they were waiting for. Schonda explains.

“Just as I was ready to throw in the towel and close my account, Thomas opened up a chat window. Two simple words got us talking… ‘Hi There.’ I immediately started to chat with him, mostly to find out more about this man who took a chance to start chatting with me.”

As they got to know each other, Thomas put Schonda at ease. “He seems like a nice guy and I’d like to see just how interested he is in me,” she thought. The two of them were very forthcoming about their lives, their thoughts, and their feelings. “I took my guard down just enough to really start to talk to him openly,” Schonda says. “He was nothing like what I was asking for on my profile; my list was unrealistic, so I tossed it all away when we started talking, and I actually upgraded from what I thought I wanted. It gave me back my confidence in the dating world!”

Pretty quickly, Thomas could tell that the woman on the other side of the Internet connection was a good person. “She is a genuine, kind, shy woman with some great qualities,” he says. He thought of Schonda as “a woman I would like to know better” and he knew he wanted to “see where it would all lead to.”

Within a few weeks, both singles felt like seeing each other in person was the next logical step for them. “We were very comfortable just talking about anything and everything,” Schonda recalls. “I confessed to wanting to meet him.”

Thomas was fine with that! “I knew from our conversations that she was the one I had been looking for, for a very long time.”

There were no disappointments on Date No. 1. “He was just as cute as his photos we had shared with each other,” Schonda describes. “And he was a perfect gentleman on our date. I was surprised by how easy it was to just be myself. He was way more, and a lot better, than I could ever dream a man could be.”

When Thomas saw Schonda for the first time, you could knock him over with a feather. “I appreciated the fact that Schonda was even more beautiful than the photos showed online!”

It was Schonda’s sense that they picked up right where they had left off in their correspondence and conversations before meeting in real life. “Talking to him in person, it was just like in the text and phone conversations,” she declares. She was very much impressed by “how truly sincere he was in person, and honest.” This wasn’t something Schonda was used to! “I have not seen that in a long time with a man,” she admits.

The pair put their newfound connection to the test by traveling together via car on an Interstate adventure. Thomas says he couldn’t believe “how easy it was for me to talk to her face to face, or how much fun we had on our road trip to New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.”

After their journey together, feelings had solidified but neither person was shocked to feel so strongly about the other. Thomas and Schonda had felt connected from the beginning. She explains, “I knew when we spent the first few hours together, just talking, eating and really seeing each other in person, that I didn’t want to be with anyone else—only him. I had fallen for him via text messages, so finally meeting in person only backed up how much I really wanted more than one date with him!”

Thomas was also certain this could work. “After our first date, I just wanted more time with her. I could not see myself with anyone else: just her.”

As their relationship progressed, Schonda saw sides of Thomas that proved what a solid man she’d found. “He was raised to be honest, open, caring and loving,” she tells us. “He kept calling himself ‘A Simple Man’ and he turned out to be so much more than that!”

Schonda advises singles to “be patient” and not quit their online search for love before it can come to fruition. “Use all of your account time, and don’t give up easily,” she says. “Love really can happen online when you least expect it. Give up your list of WANTS and write a list of NEEDS instead.”

Thomas agrees that perseverance is the key. “Don’t give up the search,” he says. “It is not an easy road, but when you finally find the one you will know it, and you will be very happy that you stuck it out!”

Today, Schonda says that the bond she shares with Thomas has changed her life “more that words can say!” Her joy is evident in her words. “I love knowing that no matter what, this man loves me, cares about me. Thomas has taken the time to really get to know me. He does not ask for anything in return, just for me to love him back.”

“I am so much happier now,” says Thomas. “I have finally found someone to share everything with, and I could not ask for more!”

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